The history of Plyboard in India is really rather without KITPLY. KITPLY was there during the nascent stages of the industry's growth, and has seen it all. During those days, the company was ruddered by the charismatic chairmanship of Sri S. P. Goenka, who was admirably supported by a battery of professionals - not to mention a burgeoning and loyal band of clientele.

The company's products occupy an enviable position in the global marketplace today, and have multifarious applications - Ranging from buildings to construction to the household. We aim to be the metaphor to Plyboard - the mnemonic, the name the end-user recalls first, when he or she thinks of Plyboard. The name you trust, by instinct.

KITPLY INDUSTRIES LIMITED has gone ahead and brought, within its fold, Plyboard manufacturing units in Assam, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh. And the Andaman’s. Production and R&D goes on unabated.

Continuous up-gradation and expansions are a part of the schedule at Kit ply. Our range can boast of several custom & niche products for specialized applications, such as the likes of:

  1. Electrical & engineering application.

  2. Fire insulation and resistance.

  3. Besides the above, regulation items like KITPLY, Shuttering Ply and Decorative ply continue to hold pride of place in Kit ply quiver.


  • Plyboard
  • Block Board
  • Flush Doors
  • Value added products
  • Particle Board
  • Decorative Laminates


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